The Franchise Package

Simplify the way your clients do business, save them money and dramatically increase their earnings!
Embrace a truly automated income stream, freeing you up to live life as you please.
£29,999 +VAT Per Year

10 Income Streams

As a franchise owner, you’re allocated 10 licences. We work closely with both yourself and your clients to ensure a fluid and non-disruptive implementation process.

Our platform has been intuitively designed with simplicity in mind, to ensure ease of use for you, your client and by proxy all of their users too.

Commission can be allocated on a per-product basis as a flat fee or perhaps you’d prefer to reward a percentage of the total sale amount.

The Loading Wealth Franchise Package is currently on offer at just £19,999 +VAT per year*, an initial upfront cost which is soon recuperated, even by ten stores with low sales volumes.

Your own passive income

The Loading Wealth platform was designed to be a passive income method and of course as a store owner there’s usually always some level of involvement that means it’s not truly passive. However, by embracing a Network Marketing approach a lot of the heavy lifting of running an online store is hugely reduced or possibly even removed entirely.
Network Marketing is exactly as it sounds, marketing performed within however many sellers networks begin marketing your goods. The effectiveness of each seller in marketing their goods will vary dependent upon their level of experience, the size of their network, the amount of traffic their network receives and how engaged their traffic is in what you sell.

Saving you time and money

However effective the efforts of your sellers, no longer is it just you marketing your goods and no longer are you confined to the comparatively narrow channel of interest you would usually target. Your products can now be listed in previously untapped areas of the internet; blogs, vlogs, social network groups and forums specific to your target sales demographic to the tune of thousands or tens of thousands. How long would that take you or your marketing team and at what cost?
Relinquishing yourself from the regular ad spend you’re accustomed to dishing out to Facebook and Google every month, your network performs in a more efficient, effective manner for free, at least it’s free until their efforts result in a sale and only then will your seller receive their predefined reward.

Helping others to build an income

With or without you, network marketers will be out there doing what you do best, perhaps they’re even selling for some of your competitors but they exercise impartiality and often favour a product that sells best for them or which rewards them the best financially.
Besides the hardcore network marketers there are the people that care about your success, family, friends, die-hard fans and supporters, people that have other jobs but who want to help you out and make some extra cash for themselves in the process. As we head into 2021 it’s all the more important that we help one another and with national lockdowns, diminishing businesses and subsequent job losses, your ability to provide opportunities to others will not go unnoticed.
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