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If you want to make a dent in the universe, you first need to embrace your strengths, be determined and accept help from others.
Supportive Community
Join a welcoming and knowledgable
community. Contribute your expertise
or learn from others.
We Offer Independence
Work for yourself and truly enjoy the fruits of
your labour, work hours to suit you and take
home every single penny you earn.
Regular Payments
We understand the importance of
a stable, regular income, so we
make regular secure payments

A Tale of Loading Wealth

I believe a better quality of life can be achieved with a bigger bank balance and more time to do the things that make us happy.

With a traditional full or part time employment contract, it's an exchange of a fixed set of hours for a fixed wage and that really limits your potential income.

It's possible to make money online, with established processes and Loading Wealth was created to steer our members to this new and lucrative way of life and to support them in every step of their journey.

If you're not wealthy just yet, you're Loading Wealth.


Mike Hodkinson

CEO - Loading Wealth

Collective expertise

Within the Loading Wealth community members are encouraged to establish successful methods of operating on the most effective platforms. These methods ensure their own successes and their findings are passed on to other members to benefit from.

Members are incentivised to distribute their knowledge and those who choose to do so prosper from the success of others.

Through collaboration with other members, it's easier to ascertain the solution to common challenges.

Becoming financially Independent?

It's perhaps the way you were always meant to be. Businesses employ people to supercharge their performance and in return you receive your agreed wage for all of the hours you've worked whilst the business accounts process tens or even hundreds of thousands per month.

The only people that prosper this way are the bosses, middle management and shareholders. For the employees they achieve sustainability and receive enough money to get by on each month and perhaps a little to save too.

Loading Wealth provides the opportunity for its members to achieve financial independence, working only as often as they wish to do so*, with an income strategy which is working for you 24/7 and not just the 7.5 hours you'd work in a full-time job from Monday to Friday.
*Reasonable time and effort must be invested in order to maximise income opportunities but comparatively far less time need be spent when compared to full-time employment. The initial investment of time and use of effective strategies means that less time is spent working, the more established in the role you are.

Great Earning Potential

Earn money from a 24/7 income strategy, literally making money while you sleep.

A Practical Work-Life Balance

The less time spent working, the more hours are available to spend the way you want.

Your Supportive Community

Expertise on-hand from other members who want to help you to succeed, who support you, teach you the ropes and provide proven strategies.

Money Makes Our World Go Round

Your time is money. Actually it's more than that. Your time is learning, analysis, it's mentally tasking, ultimately it's your expulsion of energy, a whole lot of hard work. So it's really important that you're rewarded handsomely.

As well as offering attractive benefits, we also provide performance incentives and greater earning opportunities*.


Mike Hodkinson

CEO - Loading Wealth

24/7 Earning Potential

Earn money while you sleep, money rolling in, around the clock.

Earnings Breakdown

Easily view, print or download your itemised, monthly earnings analysis

Recurring Payments

Earn a recurring monthly income on subscription items.

Safe & Secure Payments

Your money, our priority. Delivered to you promptly and securely.
*Performance incentives are offered to qualifying members. Greater earning opportunities are offered to members which demonstrate satisfactory performance and  particular professional characteristics.

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The number of people it takes
to make a difference.
We believe a community is only as good as its individual contributors. It’s why we encourage our members to learn from one another and educate the less experienced members of the community.

Each individual shares the common goals of financial independence, collective wealth and living life by their rules. Nobody is an exception to this.
Feel welcome to join us
We welcome members of all experience levels and any level of education. However confident you are or are not within our community, we'll give you the opportunity to learn from us and grow in confidence and ability.
Supportive Work Culture
Each member is asked to consider each another. Whether checking on the progress of another member or answering any questions they might have, we lead by example and assist anyone in any way we can.
Ongoing opportunities
There are multiple positions available within the Loading Wealth community, some of which will posted within your members area and some opportunities are posted privately to outstanding individual members.
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