How easy is making money online in 2021?

As more of us have been required to work from home this past 12 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it's a question which is increasinly being asked.

19th January 2021
Mike Hodkinson
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– Loading Wealth makes it easy.

From before I designed the business model and even before I formed the company, Loading Wealth already had its mantra – Mutual Prosperity.

Mutual Prosperity, to me this meant one thing above all else, making money for people. Hard to believe? In todays society perhaps, but I wasn’t born into money and although I’ve had regular sources of income I’d never claim to have ‘had money’. I suppose ‘Having money’ means different things to different people, to me it meant being well off, living to excess or not living paycheck to paycheck.

I think that’s the definition of prosperity, mutual prosperity means when you make money, I make money and now that I’ve developed the platform that facilitates that, I can honestly say I stayed true to the mantra, right from conception through to the last few final weeks of the Loading Wealth‘s platforms’ development.

How have I made it possible?

I developed an E-commerce platform which allows people to sell online, this on its own is a great foundation on which to establish at least a sustainable income, but it’s more than that. My platform includes its own Network Marketing functions, the ability to create your own online army of sellers specifically selling your products.

See, when you add each product to your store, amongst other things, you can list your cost of acquisition, your sale price and then stipulate how your profit is distributed between yourself and the people who are successfully selling your products, or even just assign all the profit to yourself for sales made by you.

What if you don’t have anything to sell?

If you have nothing to sell, that’s fine, I’ve thought of that. In fact, at first I designed Loading Wealth to be a network marketing platform for goods I would be both sourcing and selling myself with that added network marketing element to allow others to sell my goods too. That plan changed about half way through development I decided this new direction would be a more effective sales strategy for anyone out there that’s already selling goods online but who currently has just a moderate amount of sales and a modest income.

The new direction is to identify sellers who can benefit from adopting a network marketing strategy, I mean the way in which their goods and services are publicised online is likely to be down to 98% digital marketing and network marketing is exactly that; digital marketing but amplified.

Independent online retailers currently use a number of methods to be seen online;

  • PAID ADS – The dark art of adopting marketing psychology, A/B testing, analysis, identifying winning strategies and implementing the winning one and like it or not this IS usually necessary at least every few months. It’s best-practice in order to refine the presentation of your website and ensure a frictionless customer journey. By adopting a network marketing strategy with Loading Wealth you can save on your huge and unwelcome ad spend. Your website presentation and optimisation for a refined customer journey is all done for you.
  • AMBASSADORS – A very effective way to demonstrate that you understand the needs of the consumer by having a physical (and sometimes popular or famous) embodiment of your typical customer or rather your key demographic, someone who represents the brand, uses the products and encourages others to do the same because of how fantastic the are! This comes at a cost or at least a mutually beneficial arrangement is reached in order to recruit an ambassador in this way.
  • PRODUCT REVIEWS – Usually performed by bloggers and vloggers, performing an unboxing or a demonstration of a product and its features and real-world ease of use. Again, effective. Reviews are typically conducted in exchange for a fee and either the temporary or permanent possession of goods by the reviewer, or whatever you’ve agreed.

The consistent themes here for any one of them to be effective are a large audience and of course cost. Usually involving an upfront cost and sadly the true success of any one of the above campaigns are not truly known until money has changed hands. However well the method performs it takes time to research, reach out to a 3rd party, discuss the details, negotiate the price, make payment and often there’s no trodden path here, you could well be handing your money to someone who’s quick enough to take the cash but less concerned how well your offering suits their audience.

The bottom line is that you could invest in an advertising campaign with severely underwhelming results and if you’re a small business it’s discouraging, disheartening and costly.

What’s the solution?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer is Loading Wealth, unequivocally. Why? Network Marketing. In adopting our platform you’re effectively incentivising anyone wishing to promote and sell your products for you, however big your audience, your network can attract a larger and more engaged one.

You only pay when it’s effective.

One hundred people can post a link to a product on your website on their Facebook profiles, for example. Let’s say that each post attracts 5 people to your website; that’s 500 site visitors! 100 people buy a product from your site, so in what 8 ways does this benefit you?

  1. Your product/brand appeared on 100 peoples personal social media profiles, this is a strong endorsement.
  2. 5 people from each social media post visited your site. Far more people will have seen the post and they all now know you exist.
  3. 500 site visitors is 500 chances to sell. If 400 people didn’t buy on that visit, it’s not to suggest they haven’t seen something they like. It’s likely they will return when they have more time or money.
  4. Email addresses of the site visitors can be ontained for email marketing purposes.
  5. The 400 site visitors were absolutely free of charge, free publicity is the best kind of publicity!
  6. You shared your profits with the sources of your 100 sales, sales that otherwise may not have happened or would have paid more in ad-spend to obtain.
  7. Your incentivised sellers are now more passionate and driven having seen a result from their efforts and will continue to find you new customers.
  8. You now understand that Loading Wealth is awesome and will tell all of your friends!

What if you have nothing to sell?

You should consider becoming a franchisee.

With The Franchise Package, you have 10 Loading Wealth platforms, meaning that if you have a number of clients that are already selling online and feel that they could benefit from significant savings in ad-spend and a huge increase in sales, this is the package for you.

The Franchise Package is a truly passive income method

10 platforms means 10 times the number of sales for your clients, for you it means a percentage of every transaction that passes through each of your stores, The Franchise Package is a truly passive income method.

The Franchise Package is currently discounted by 33% until the end of March, making now the best time to buy, the discount is recurring too so the renewal cost is the same discounted cost of purchase, which is £19,999 +VAT right now, a manageable cost that can easily pass on to each of your clients.

The more financially astute amongst you will realise the potential of 10 income streams, understanding that your overall earnings may well be in excess of one or more of your clients and position to make a bid for their business, to invest in their success or to buy a further 10 platforms from Loading Wealth!

So how easy is it to make money online in 2021? Thanks to my new platform, easier than ever.

Mike Hodkinson – Founder/Director, Loading Wealth.

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